Inexpensive enough for one time use but durable enough to last for years.
Ships flat for inexpensive shipping
Folds together with no fasteners required
Stronger than cardboard nucs
Bees can not chew through the box like they do on cardboard.
More ventilation than cardboard nucs.
3/4" space above and below frames for feeding, medications, queen cages.
Handholds for easy carrying.
Easy open/close entrance
Five Frame Corrugated Plastic Nuc Box

  Quantity                     Price

By the pallet (280 on pallet)                  $7.75 each    f.o.b.  Mims, FL  32759

Quantities less than 50 are available from Dadant and Son's, Inc.

EZ Nuc is available from Dadant for your convenience.

Jester Bee Co.
"Single Story Hives and 5 frame Nucs available all year round."
"Have Bees, Will Travel..."

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