2014 Bee Prices

Single Story Hives available for pickup in Florida only call for pricing.

Five frame Nuc Prices are below:(Picked up in Florida) 
              Quantity    Dec 2013-Feb 2014

1-10  $155.00 each
11-100           145.00 
Over 100                          135.00


1-10               $145.00 each
                        11-100                         135.00   
     Over 100                           125.00     

1-10                      $145.00 each
11-99                          125.00                                               Over 100                      100.00     


Delivery is available, 100 nuc minimun, We normally try to deliver   700 nucs per trip, with multiple drop off locations. Delivery fee is $15.00 per nuc & it applies to Arkansas orders as well.

  ***All prices are subject to change anytime because of current supply and demand***
         ******No prices are guaranteed until deposit is made on an order******

        ******Price Includes Reusable EZ Nuc Box******
                 No Frame Exchange
                              Delivery available for group/large orders.

Deposits Required:

Small Orders (less than 100)50%
Large Orders (over 100)25%
Please call us at : 870 243 1596 with your order.
You may email us at order@jesterbee.com
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