2600 Honeybee Lane
Mims, FL 32754
Ph: 870 243 1596


Our Business Philosophy:

We are beekeepers, not bee supply dealers, and definitely not Wal-Mart. Our main business is raising bees. We always are able to sell all we can produce, so our concentration is on producing strong, healthy bees and trying to provide good customer service. 

Any other product we may sell (Protective Clothes, Essential-B, EZ Nucs, etc.) is something  that we make or have made to use ourselves. If we don't use it we don't sell it. 

Email works best when working with us. Please email whenever possible. We are in the beeyard everyday. It is difficult to talk on the phone while working and even harder to take notes. We get scores of calls everyday. We can't remember everything said or everybody we talked to. We check email as often as possible and try to give you a thorough reply.
Jester Bee Co.
Jester Bee Co.
"Single Story Hives and 5 frame Nucs available all year round."
"Have Bees, Will Travel..."